South Trailhead to Peavine via Green Trail

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Oak Mountain State Park
in Jefferson County


N 33.325038
E -86.757344





Time 2.5 hrs Loop
Distance 5.2 mi

The Peavine trail is a 1.9 mile hike which takes hikers from the beach parking lot to the Peavine parking lot. It is one of the few trails which does not begin or end at a trailhead in the park. Hikers starting at the south trailhead can take the Yellow-Green connector to access the trail. From the start, hikers begin an uphill ascent towards a lower ridge just above the Treetop trail nature habitats. The Peavine trail crossing the upper yellow-green trail and continues downhill to the intersection of the Foothills (yellow) and Jekyll n Hyde bike trail. Winding its way through denser forest, the trail peaks and descends into the valley.

The valley area is filled with crisscrossing bike trails which cut through the Peavine trail in several places. Markers signs and trail blazes provide direction through this area which is surprising open. Filled mainly with larger pine trees, visibility through the valley is clear and makes a great place to take a quick rest before the ascent up Oak Mountain. This 1/4 mile section of the trail is the steepest along the hike and fairly challenging because of the rocky surface and multiple switchbacks.

At the top, the Peavine trail turns southwest onto the CCC Road and continues 700 feet before turning back into the wood line and making its way up the hill at a slightly less tiring grade. The trails continues along the ridge through a forested area with thicker ground vegetation. At times the trail is sandy and at times rocky. There are a couple of overlooks along the path which offer a great southeasterly view. After about 1 mile you will come to the Peavine parking lot. From there, you can continue through the parking lot and down the gravel trail to the falls.

Returning to the beach parking lot, this hike takes the Green connector to CCC Road. Turning north, the CCC Road continues for a mile before rejoining the Peavine Trail. At this point, continue along the Peavine trail back to the parking lot. The nice side thing is, most of the trail is downhill. Overall this hike is challenging but offers some great views.


Oak Mountain State Park
200 Terrace Drive
Pelham, AL 35124
Admission Adults: $4/person Children: $1/person Senior Adults: $1/person 5&Under Free


The Peavine trail is located across from the beach closest to the main entrance to Oak Mountain. Off Cahaba Valley Valley at the I-65 junction, take State Park Rd to John Findley Drive. Continue through the main entrance 3 miles to Terrace Drive, turn left and continue 3/4 miles to the beach parking area (on the right).

Trail added on July 19, 2015
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