Track Down A Great Trail.

Alabama has an abundance of parks, hiking trailing, biking trails and outdoor activities available to its residents and visitors alike. With over 125+ trails accounting for more than 500+ miles of hiking, Alabama offers a great adventure to all types of hikers. Trails cascade through pine and hardwood forest, across vast plateaus and atop gorgeous mountain ranges. Find a great day hike, trail hike or bike ride in our list below or help by sharing your own trail. To share a trail, please contact us.
Cleburne County  0.73 Mi
Bald Rock Trail
DeKalb County  1.5 Mi
Beaver Pond Loop
Jefferson County  2 Mi
Blue Powerline Loop
Jefferson County  2.4 Mi
Camp Road To Maggie Valley via Foothills Trail
DeKalb County  0.94 Mi
CCC Quarry Trail
DeKalb County  0.75 Mi
CCC Shelter Walk
Clay County  8.0 Mi
Chinnabee Silent Trail
Jefferson County  0.7 Mi
Crusher Trail
Morgan County  0.4 Mi
Cypress Walk
DeKalb County  3.0 Mi
DeSoto Falls Loop
Franklin County  1.5 Mi
Dismals Canyon Trail
Shelby County  3.6 Mi
Dunnavant Valley Greenway
Shelby County  0.75 Mi
Ebenezer Swamp Boardwalk
DeKalb County  1.33 Mi
Eberhart Trail
Shelby County  2 Mi
Falling Rock Falls
Morgan County  1.25 Mi
Flint Creek Trail
Jefferson County  2 Mi
Flora Johnston Trail
Shelby County  1 Mi
Flying Squirrel
Blount County  1.25 Mi
Fossil Trail
Jefferson County  0.53 Mi
Geology Trail
DeKalb County  3.5 Mi
Gillam Loop Trail
Jefferson County  2.4 Mi
Grace’s Gap Overlook
Jefferson County  0.38 Mi
Highlands Trail
Jefferson County  3.9 Mi
Ike Maston
Bibb County  3.6 Mi
Iron Road Trail
Lauderdale County  2.5 Mi
Jones Branch Loop
Madison County  2 Mi
Keel Mnt. Lost Sink
Shelby County  4.5 Mi
Kings Chair Loop
Marshall County  2.2 Mi
Kings Chapel Terrell Loop
Tallapoosa County  2.0 Mi
Lakeshore Trail
Shelby County  0.4 Mi
Lower Woodland Trail
Shelby County  2.2 Mi
Maggies Valley Loop
DeKalb County  1.32 Mi
Martha Falls
Jefferson County  2.7 Mi
Narrows Ridge Loops
Shelby County  0.75 Mi
Orr Park Walking Path
Jackson County  2 Mi
Painted Rock Bottoms
Blount County  1+ Mi
Palisades Nature Trails
Shelby County  5.4 Mi
Peavine Falls Loop
Jefferson County  1.0 Mi
Preserve East Loop
Jefferson County  1.8 Mi
Preserve High Cliffs Loop
Jefferson County  2.1 Mi
Preserve High Falls Loop
Jefferson County  2.4 Mi
Preserve Southwest Loop
Madison County  1.53 Mi
Rainbow Loop Trail
Jefferson County  3.2 Mi
Redding Shaft Mine Loop
Shelby County  1.5 Mi
Reflection Whitetail Loop
Tuscaloosa County  4 Mi
Ridge Loop Trail
Jefferson County  3.14 Mi
Ruffner Quarry Trail
Jackson County  1.33 Mi
Russell Cave Nature Trail
Shelby County  2.15 Mi
Rust Bucket
Jefferson County  2.3 Mi
Sandstone Ridge
Shelby County  2 Mi
Shoal Creek Nature Walk
Shelby County  1.1 Mi
Shoal Creek Orange Trail
Bibb County  2.7 Mi
Sipsey Borden Creek
Madison County  3.6 Mi
South Plateau Overlook
Shelby County  5.4 Mi
South Rim Loop
Jefferson County  4.36 Mi
South Trailhead To Camp Road via Foothills Trail
Jefferson County  5.2 Mi
South Trailhead to Peavine via Green Trail
Madison County  3.5 Mi
Stone Cuts Loop
Jefferson County  2.3 Mi
Thompson Hamby Loop
Tallapoosa County  0.4 Mi
Tower Trail
Jefferson County  1.5 Mi
Treetop Trail
Jefferson County  0.4 Mi
Watercress Darter Trail
Marshall County  1.75 Mi
Waterfall Cascades Loop
Jefferson County  0.65 Mi
Wildwood Preserve