Peavine Falls Loop

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Oak Mountain State Park
in Shelby County


N 33.302578
E -86.762344





Time 2.5 hrs Loop
Distance 5.4 mi

From the top of Oak Mountain near Peavine Falls, visits can see miles in any direction. From the Peavine parking lot, there are also several hiking trail options. This hike details a loop encompassing the green and white trails. The first half of the hike was moderate, however, the last half is strenuous for the average day hiker. Starting at the Peavine parking lots northwest corner, take the green trail up a moderate slope to the ridge of the mountain. The green trail meanders along the ridge for 1 mile, with several overlooks just a few feet off the main trail. The trail is wide and well-traveled with rocky surface and exposed rocks in several places. Overall it is level and offers a nice stroll through a sparsely populated hardwood and pine forest.

Nearing the one mile mark, the trail descends down to Peavine Road, a CCC roadway intended to allow visitors a scenic drive through the heart of the park. At the intersection, turn northeast along the road towards the interior of Oak Mountain. In this section, you can see several CCC culverts and pass two of the backwoods camping spots with shelters. The road is moderately level and rocky. In several spots erosion has damaged the surface and exposed larger rocks underneath so watch your ankles.

Taking the road for approximately a mile and a half, you will intersect the white trail and horse trail near the peak of the roadway. At the intersection, turn south and travel down the hillside towards Peavine Creek.

The white trail follows the creek for the duration of the hike. During the spring and fall, the creek is often full of water, offering a cool hike and great place for a picnic. During the summer, Peavine creek is sometimes reduced to nothing more than a dry streambed. The trail is level for the most part but rugged along the edge of the creek. Again, watch your footing, as parts of the trail often get washed out by triennial rainfall.

Nearing the end you will reach Peavine Falls. The highest waterfall in the park and a great place to cool off, the falls is 65 feet high. Peavine Falls is most active following a good rain. The hardest, most strenuous portion of the hike is the exit from Peavine Falls. The trail is ½ mile long and changes 100 feet in elevation exiting the forest into the northeast corner of the parking lot. This hike offers good views and abundant wildlife. Change in elevation makes it a tough hike for those not accustomed to mountain hiking. Come prepared with plenty of water, especially on a hot day.


Oak Mountain State Park
200 Terrace Drive
Pelham, AL 35124
Admission Adults: $4/person Children: $1/person Senior Adults: $1/person 5&Under Free


From the main entrance to Oak Mountain follow the signage to Peavine Falls. The trail head is at the north west corner of the paved parking lot (opposite the trail to Peavine Falls).

Trail added on July 22, 2014
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