Shoal Creek Orange Trail

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Shoal Creek Park
in Shelby County


N 33.125458
E -86.841739





Time 0.5 hrs Oneway
Distance 1.1 mi

Shoal Creek offers a number of trails. The Orange Trail is located on a track of land across Hwy 119 from the main park. The trail begins at the metal gates across from the parking lot entrance. Entering, you turn left and trek along the outer boundary of the property. The trail curves and continues along the field edge. Wildflowers are abundant during spring. Birds and field animals are easily spotted as you walk. At the rear, the trail curves back north towards the highway. Trees line the edge of the path. An alternate route is through the woods along the creek. Here you can view a set of rapid and even possibly cool off in the creek. The other route takes you along the edge of the woods. Both paths converge near the front of the property. Here you can cross the street in front of the park house, as we did, or turn left and continue back to the gate. Overall, this is a very family friendly hike with lots to see in terms of flowers and wildlife.


The Orange Trail is accessed across Hwy 119 from the main Shoal Creek parking area.

Trail added on April 25, 2022
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