Shoal Creek Nature Walk

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Shoal Creek Park
in Shelby County


N 33.125859
E -86.842392





Time 0.75 hrs Loop
Distance 2 mi

Shoal Creek Park offers many trails throughout the expanse of the park; and there are numerous ways you can hike each of them. This is only a look at a small part of the park and a single way to enjoy your walk. From the new picnic pavilion and bathrooms, we walked west just a few yards and took the first path, the blue trail, to the right. The trail is a grass cut path that follows beside Shoal Creek with several places to view the creek. It passes the Skull Island rapids before reaching the pedestrian bridge over Shoal Creek. Turning off the blue trail, we crossed the bridge and followed the gravel path opposite side of the creek.

Taking a slight right, we followed the tree covered path, then crossed a small bridge before turning north. Continuing 200 feet, we turned left and followed the grass path along the boundaries of the “northwest” pasture. This ~3/4 mile trek follows the treeline and offers a peaceful walk, with plenty of wildlife. Those interested in birding will find the walk very enjoyable as chirping can be heard from every direction. The path is grass and offers a soft walking surface. Watch out for snakes, as the tall grass offers a great habitat.

Reaching the small bridge again, we turned 180 degrees back southwest, and continued around the “west” pasture, enjoying the portions of the trail that were covered with thick trees. The trail crosses a gravel road and turns into thicker trees, continuing ~500 feet before reaching the pedestrian bridge again. We crossed the bridge and followed the path through the center of the field back to the pavilion and back to the parking lot.

This is a great park and a great place to hike. The birds are numerous and the trails are level and easy to walk. It is a great place to bring the family for a walk and swim.


Take Hwy 119 east three miles from downtown Montevallo. The park is located on the left. There is a gravel parking just off the highway.

Trail added on June 14, 2019
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