Narrows Ridge Loops

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Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
in Jefferson County


N 33.702796
E -86.692625





Time 1.5 hrs Loop
Distance 2.7 mi

The Narrows Ridge trails offer a 3 mile hike or bike through the heart of Turkey Creek Preserve. Beginning just inside the park, the trail follows close to the road for the first 1/2, slowly increasing in elevation as it passes by rock cliff faces. Traffic on the highway is easily heard and therefore wildlife is fairly scare in this area. Continuing, the trail turn sharply and increases quickly in elevation as it cross up the ridge and into the large wooded area of the park. Crossing over the Thompson trail, it continues weaving through the dense forest with minor changes in elevation. Wildlife is abundant in this area and the trail itself is a wide, rocky dirt path. You will cross over the Hamby trail as you make your way along the path. Reaching Turkey Creek road, the trail turns back northeast and follows the ridge line of the hill. For those on bike, the trail has numerous humps installed along the path to add to the enjoyment of the ride. As you round the corner nearest to the Turkey Creek cascades, the trail decreases in elevation, crossing a small stream before intersecting again with the Thompson trail. If you are interested in seeing the falls, you could follow this short path to the cascades or wait and see it as your drive out of the park. At this point, the Narrows Ridge trail again begins elevation. This is the steepest portion of the hike, as before you know it, you’ll find yourself a top a small rock ledge with a great view during the winter months. This part is the most strenuous and rockiest part of the hike. The trail continues back down the hillside and connects into itself. Following the trail back towards the road, you will arrive at the parking area.

If you wish to continue on the upper part of the trail, cross the roadway and follow the marked trail on the northeast side. The Upper Narrows Trail is more designed for cyclist, with less interesting vantage points. Much of the trail is a lower, marshy area and the path itself is mostly gravel. The trail leads you across an open area and then assents a small incline before bottoming out in the marsh. Throughout this portion bumps have been installed for cyclist. The trails creates a loop and interests with itself allowing you to return to the roadway and parking.

This hike provides an array of changing landscape but less wildlife than other hikes. The trail is used a lot for mountain biking and has some aspects designed specifically for that activity. Portions of the trail are steep as well. The hike is good if you’re looking for exercise or a lengthy walk in the woods. If you’re looking for a more moderate, tranquil hike, I’d recommend the Thompson and Hamby trails at Turkey Creek.


The trails begins just inside the main entrance to Turkey Creek. There is parking available on the right side of the road. The trail begins on the left and is marked by a small sign.

Trail added on May 28, 2016
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