Martha Falls

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N 34.394757
E -85.625301





Time 1.5 hrs Oneway
Distance 1.32 mi

Little River Canyon is known for its beautiful waterfalls including Little River Falls and Grace’s High Falls. But one falls which is not seen as frequently is Martha’s Falls. Located just south of Little River Falls, it is a short hike from the parking lot along a mostly dirt path. Large rock protrude from the ground at points along the path and rock overhangs offer a great view of the canyon during the winter months.

Starting at the back of the Little River Falls parking lot, the trail enter the woods and curves along the edge of the wooden observation boardwalk. The path straightens out and continues through the woods along the edge of the canyon. Good views of the canyon are available at several stops along the path. At ½ mile in you will come to a large clearing with a gravel road. Just past this point you will come to the point at which the trail begins the descent into the canyon. Hand placed stones make up a beautiful stair case which leads downwards 160 feet to a rock shelf on the canyon floor. Depending on the season, the water level of the canyon varies greatly. During the drier season, you can easily explore the canyon floor up and down the canyon. During the wetter season, you will need to hike along the side of the canyon to the falls.

The falls themselves are a sight to see. If you happen to make the hike when the water is low, the exposed rock face makes great photos. When the water is lower, you will frequently see people swimming in the lake beneath the falls, which is much deeper than it looks from the surface.

The return hike is along the same path, back up the rock stair case and through the woods. Overall, this hike is great for families with little change in elevation except for the last 200 or so feet. The path is smooth and makes for a great day stroll. Carry a hammock and relax in a tree along the canyon wall or carry it down into the canyon and enjoy the waterfall.


Trail starts in the Little River Falls parking lot.

Trail added on October 4, 2016
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