Maggies Valley Loop

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Oak Mountain State Park
in Shelby County


N 33.357278
E -86.704797





Time 1 hrs Loop
Distance 2.2 mi

Oak Mountain offers a variety of trails. The Maggie Valley loop, a combination of the yellow and white trails takes hikes through thick pine and deciduous forest along a ridge and then descends into the valley for a hike back along a small creek. The hike begins at the north trailhead. On the right, a few hundred yards in, is a small wooden bridge. Both the yellow and white trail begin at the bridge. Following the trail you will come to a divide, at which point the yellow trail veers left and begins to ascend the hillside.

The trail follows along the ridge of the hill for most of the hike. Along the way you will descend and ascent through several valleys. Most of this portion of the trail is through thick forest. There are few good views along the hike and for the most part, the trail is rocky or covered in pine straw.

One mile into the hike you will descent a steep slope into Maggies Valley. Maggies Valley is an area nestled between two ridges with a small creek. No camping is allowed in the area. At this point the yellow and white trail meet. If you were continuing on into the park, you would take the wooden bridge to the southwest. For this loop, take the white trail to the northwest along the creek. The white trail follows the creek for ¼ of a mile where it comes to an intersection with the cabin connector.

Turning northeast, the trail continues through the valley back to the north trailhead. Crossing several stream beds, the trail is fairly level and somewhat rocky. It can be very wet after a rain and makes for a soggy hike.

Overall, this hike offers a slightly strenuous excursion into thick pine forest. There are few views available, but plenty of birds and other wildlife to see along the way. If you need a quick hike, this is a great loop.


Oak Mountain State Park
200 Terrace Drive
Pelham, AL 35124
Admission Adults: $4/person Children: $1/person Senior Adults: $1/person 5&Under Free


The north trail head is located closest to the back entrance to Oak Mountain accessible from Cahaba Valley Road (Hwy 119). From the back entrance, follow Oak Mountain Park Road 2 miles. Parking is on the right in the gravel lot.

Trail added on July 22, 2014
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