Ike Maston

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Red Mountain Park
in Jefferson County


N 33.447673
E -86.862708





Time 3 hrs Loop
Distance 3.9 mi

The Ike Maston trails spans the length of Red Mountain Park. Hikes can access the trail ends either off the #14 Mine trail or at the Redding Shaft Mine. A number of other trails cross the Ike Maston trail including the Smythe trail, the TCI connector, Ishkooda #13 Mine trail and the Eureka Mines Trail. Taking the BMRR South trail to the southwest end of the park, you will reach the Redding Shaft Mine. At this point you can pick up the Ike Maston trail near it beginning. The trail itself is rocky with steep ascents and descents throughout. The trail markers indicate it as strenuous and there are points throughout the hike where this is the case. It is a great work out for the leg muscles.

The trail enters the woods along the same path as the Songo trail and makes its way through the forest with slight changes in elevation. Just past the first wooden bridge, the Songo trail splits and begins its ascent up the mountain; with the Ike Maston trail continuing almost straight. The trail continues, climbing a slight incline. Crossing the trail you will see a large diameter metal cable which winds its way through the woods. After dropping down into a small depression, the trail begins a 20 foot incline as it makes its way back up the mountain and intersects the Smythe trail. After the intersection, the trail continues to ascend for a short walk and then turned down the mountain. At the bottom, you will cross an access road then continue up a steep, short incline before briefly leveling out.

The woods are thinner in this area and the rolling terrain can easily be seen. After passing the access road, the trail again begins a steep ascent up the mountain. Near the top you will cross a wooden bridge and then descend slightly to another wooden bridge and intersection with a now abandoned trail. Plastic signs indicate a left turn to continue on the trail. Ascending the mountain up a narrow, steep path with a small switchback, you will reach a level plane and rock dumping ground during the mining operation. Reaching the TCI connector, I choose to end my hike as the day was coming to a close. The trail continues on pas the Ishkooda #13 mine and ends at the #14 mine. The terrain on this portion is similar to that of the rest of the hike.

Overall this is a good hike for person interested in getting a work out. The trail passes no scenic stops or mines so there is little to see besides the forest itself. Be sure to carry water and wear good hiking shoes.


Trail begins at the main trail head located just inside the park.

Trail added on October 4, 2016
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