Geology Trail

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Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve
in Jefferson County


N 33.557503
E -86.706681





Time 0.5 hrs Loop
Distance 0.53 mi

Ruffner Mountain offers a variety of hiking options with a varying level of difficulty. The Geology trail is one of the easiest trails and offers a glace into the rocks and minerals which make up Red Mountain. The trail begins either at the main trailhead or at the visitor center. Hiking from the trailhead, you will come to intersection of trails and a sign pointing you in the correct direction. The trail is relatively flat and is overgrown in some areas. Signs along the way offer information on the geological features and wildlife found along the path. A quarter mile from the intersection, the Geology trail end into the Marian Harnach Nature Trail. You can take one of two routes to return to the nature center. Turning left (southwest) is the shortest. This part of the trail slowly slopes downhill with a few large rock obstacles in the path. Parts of the trail can be slippery when wet as the trail is mostly dirt. For a longer hike, take a right (northeast) and continue along the trail until it reaches the visitor center.

This hike is great for smaller children or if you’re looking for a quick hike or a hike to include with another hike while at the park.


You can begin the trail at the visitor center or the main trail head.

Trail added on October 4, 2016
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