Falling Rock Falls

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in Shelby County


N 33.165864
E -86.899538





Time 1 hrs Loop
Distance 2 mi

Falling Rock Falls is an off the map destination located ten miles outside of Montevallo in the Cahaba River WMA. There are two items which should be addressed before looking at the hike itself. First, the falls is dangerous. Due to the downward slope of the rocks, it is difficult to see the lip of the rocks so use extreme caution when approaching. It is also recommended to not bring small children due to high drop off. Exercise extreme caution around the falls.  Second, the WMA is currently being logged and the roadways taken to the falls are used by log tucks. Do not park by or on either side of the the gate. Doing so will get your car towed as the log trucks require the area to turn onto the highway. Park a good distance down the highway on the shoulder.

The trail is not a small pathway, but a wide gravel road used by trucks to access the area. Starting at the white gate, visitors hike uphill before coming to a fork in the road. Take the left gravel road downhill past the natural gas well. As the grade levels, you will see a gravel road on the right (slightly more narrow than the one your currently on). Follow this road about 100 yards. On the left you will see a narrow dirt path which leads to the top of the falls. Approach the falls with extreme caution. A path on the right and left led to the bottom. Both are very steep and rocky. At the bottom you can walk behind the falls.

Overall the hike is interesting but lacks the solitude of a tree covered path. Also disheartening is the condition of the rocks below the falls. The area has been heavily graffitied.


No park information is available.


At the intersection of Hwy 52 and Hwy 17, turn South on Hwy 17. Turn Right on Co. Rd. 22 towards Dogwood. The road leading to the Falls is the 2nd road on the right.

Trail added on April 21, 2018
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