Eberhart Trail

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N 34.352202
E -85.675668





Time 2.0 hrs Loop
Distance 1.33 mi

The Eberhart Trail at Little River Canyon takes hikers deep into the canyon for a view of the river and the abandoned ruins of what was once Canyonland Amusement Park. A once popular park, it offered visitors a scenic chairlift ride into the canyon. Today ruins of the tower foundations, concession stand, and picnic tables lay dormant covered in undergrowth can been seen at the bottom of the trail. The Eberhart trail is well marked for the first ¾ and then continues along the canyon floor through rough terrain. Shown here is a small portion of the trail and takes hikers to the easiest accessible spots.

The trail beings on the south side of the parking area just across from the picnic area and adjacent to the outlook. The first 150 feet of the trail is dirt and brings hikers through the woods onto the main trail which is crushed gravel. Beginning the descent, you will come to the first rest bench and a great overlook of the canyon. Turning the curve, the trail continues to another switchback before making its final descent into the canyon. The gravel can be slick, so wear your best hiking shoes. A little less than ½ mile into the hike you will reach the canyon floor and the old concession stand. From here you can easily access the river. During the drier months, you can trek up the riverbed for a great view of the vastness of the canyon. Large rocks dot the landscape. Trees along the back make great spots for hanging a hammock. During winter months, snow and ice cover the landscape. During the fall, the colored foliage makes great photo opportunities.

Back by the concession stand, the trails continues into the woods and the once picnic area. The trail follows the canyon wall 3/16 of a mile before reaching a large slide. This area is frequented by rock climbers and people repelling down the cliff. Though you can continue further, the trail becomes very rocky and steep. I choose to turn around and return back up the canyon and up the mountain to the observation area.

This hike is strenuous and the climb back out of the canyon requires a good bit of effort. Be sure to pack plenty of water and remember while hiking in the canyon, you will have to make the return trip out. It offers a gorgeous view of the canyon floor and Little River, as well, as birding during the spring months.

Trail added on October 4, 2016
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