Blue Powerline Loop

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Moss Rock Preserve
in Jefferson County


N 33.382122
E -86.840124





Time 1.5 hrs Loop
Distance 2 mi

This loop contains a number of the trails within the Moss Rock Preserve. Starting at the parking lot, hike down the main path towards the boulder field and continue down the steep slope to Hurricane Creek. You may see a number of people bouldering on a nice day; as this park is home to a number of great climbing routes. At the creek, continue across onto the sandstone glade. As you hike up the face, the trail is not marked, but you will want to stay near the small stream, past the lower and upper falls. Once you reach the woods at the top, you will see the trail enter the woods where is continues along side the small stream. A popular spot for hammocking, the environment is much cooler under the needles of the pines. Nearing the top, the trail will split. In order to make this loop, veer right (northeast) and continue along dirt and gravel trail. The trail remains straight for a period before turning down a washed out portion. Follow the trail blue blazes and cross over a small stream.

At this point the blue trail intersects the white trail. Turn left (north) and continue up the hillside. This part of the trail is covered in pine needles and can be slippery after a rain. You will pass two boulders unnamed boulder fields, one on your right and one on your left. Just past the second field, the trail turns uphill, passes a third boulder field and over a very small creek before flattening out. The woods are thin and bird life abundant in the area. As you emerge from the wood line you will meet the Powerline trail. Cleared on both sides, this part of the hike can be hot. The trail itself is gravel and rocky. Continuing left (northeast) along the path you will turn sharply east and downhill. With little scenery, this section of the hike isn’t the most entertaining. A great view; however, of the Galleria is available just before the downhill slope. As you approach the next turn, keep your eyes open for a narrow path on the right side that turn further downhill. A residential power line follow the same path and can been above. Following this path will take you downhill towards Hurricane creek at the upper end of the Preserve. At the creek, cross it on the flat boulders and turn right (southwest) onto the Orange trail. Follow this trail to where the creek splits.

Directly across is an unmarked trail that leads uphill. Walking along the trail you will return to the parking lot. This section is much wider and was once a logging road. The path is easier to walk and the tree provide coolness from the sun. This hike will take you into various environments and beside two of the major waterfalls in the park. Additionally, it will lead past several of the boulder fields and through the sandstone glades, one of the highlights of the Preserve. Parts of the hike are steep, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children or those wanting an easy hike.


Park in the main Moss Rock Preserve parking lot.

Trail added on May 1, 2017
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