Beaver Pond Loop

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N 34.383353
E -85.629203





Time 0.5 hrs Loop
Distance 1.5 mi

If you find yourself in Little River Canyon and in need of a short hike, the Beaver Pond trail is a great choice. The hike is 1-1/2 miles in length, flat, and easy for any age hiker. The trail begins at the gravel parking lot just past the Lynn Overlook directly below the power lines. Starting at the northwest corner of the lot, the trail runs along the wood line until it comes to a split at the wooden bridge. Either direction will take you to the beaver pond; and you can always choose the other one on the way out.

Taking the longer route, you will turn southwest into a heavily wooded area of mostly hardwood tress. Besides the frequent roots along the trail, the path is dirt and basically smooth. There are two resting places with benches along the path. Birds are numerous especially during the spring months. After 1 mile you will intersect with the other trail, and within a short distance come to the observation deck. During the summer and early fall, it is difficult to see much of the pond because of the vegetation.

After spending some time at the overlook, continue back along the same trail until you come to the split. The return trail is short, sandy and a pleasant stroll. You will cross a single wooden bridge and then intersect with the original trail. Following back along the same path you entered, you will return to the parking lot.


Take Little River Canyon Parkway southwest from Little River Falls for 1.3 miles to the gravel parking lot just past Lynn Overlook.

Trail added on September 14, 2015
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