Town Of Spectre

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The mythical town of Spectre stands a ghost town. Built for the movie Big Fish in 2003, the set was built to film the outdoor scenes; therefore, the building themselves were only finished on the front and sides that appeared in the shots. Located within Jackson Lake Island in Millbrook, Alabama; the park is open to visitors for an entrance fee. After a fire, flood, and years of deterioration, only a few building remain including the church, the mayor’s home, and five other clapboard houses. At the entrance, two Styrofoam tangled trees welcome visitors to the main street. Just past, the poles strung with wires entice visitors to leave a shoe or two behind. Portrayed as having a magical luring quality, today visitors can wonder the streets of Spectre and marvel at how cinematic shots were able to transform plaster trees, cardboard bricks, and unpainted walls into a place were “Everything tastes better here. Even the water is sweet. It never gets too hot, too cold, too humid, and at night the wind goes through the trees, well, you’d swear there was a whole symphony out there playing just for you.” (Norther Winslow, portrayed by Steve Buscemi) If you feel the strange yet familiar calling to spend the night, you can even camp an additional fee.


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Park information current as of July 20, 2017
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