Coon Dog Cemetery

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The Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard, established in 1937, resides in northwest Alabama just west of Tuscumbia is one of a kind. The spot was once a popular hunting camp, where locals would gather to share tall tales and compare hounds. When 15 year old Troop, Key’s legendary coon dog, passed way, he choose the spot for his burial and started a tradition. To date, more than 185 coon dogs have been laid to rest in the cemetery. Those wishing to bury a faithful companion in the graveyard need meet three requirements: the owner must claim their pet is an authentic coon dog, a witness must declare the deceased a coon dog, and a member of the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard must be allowed to view the coonhound and declare it as such. The cemetery is home to several World Championship coon dogs as well as other notable foe. Each labor day a celebration is held at the site and includes music, dancing, food and a liar’s contest. The Coon Dog Cemetery is a must destination for everyone to see.



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Park information current as of July 11, 2017
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