Dunnavant Valley Greenway


in Shelby County


N 33.38510
E -86.64459


Time 1 hrs Loop
Distance 3 mi



The Dunnavant Valley Greenway trail was completed in 2009 and runs 1.5 miles along Yellow Leaf Creek. The trail is accessible from either the Soccer Blast fields adjacent to US-280 or a gravel parking area located on Hwy 41. If you park on Hwy 41, be aware the parking is limited and fills up quickly on a nice day. This is a fun hike on a Sunday afternoon for the entire family, especial if you live close by. There are no fees charged. Usually you will want to hike the trail roundtrip to return to your vehicle. The times and miles below are for a round-trip hike.

Yellow Leaf Creek has water year round but is mainly feed from rainfall. The greatest rainfall occurs between January to June and during November and December. Average number of days with rainfall is 76.5 days; giving you a 20.8% chance of hiking in the rain. The trail is covered with pines as well as a good variety of hardwoods.

There are many points were a stream comes close to the trail for some fun wading and pictures. The trail passes numerous small waterfalls and rapids and it flows towards US-280. Those these falls are not large, they are a great place for a photo or to sit and rest along the route. Several sandbars can also be found along the path.

The path varies between sand, small stone and large rocks. Luscious vegetation adores the trail for its entirety during the late spring and summer. With the foliage decreased during the fall and winter, hikers can see various rock formations and rock gardens adjacent to the path.


Admission Information not available.


From US-280, turn left onto Dunnavant Valley Road. 1.2 miles on the right is a gravel parking lot. Parking is also available at the opposite end in the Sports Blast parking lot.

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Trail added on November 14, 2017
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